Carlet Blake, a young woman from Clay, took a step out of her comfort zone and signed up for a film class at West Virginia State University. One assignment for the class was to create a short film. A life changing event occurred while taking the class as Carlet’s father passed away. Struggling to except her father’s passing, Blake decided to take a different approach in making her film than what she had originally planned. With the patience and guidance of her family, friends, class mates, and professor, Sam Holdren she was able to create a short film in honor of her father, Carl Bailey. This March, Carlet’s film will be viewed at the West Virginia State University Student Film Festival. Carlet would like to thank everyone who helped with this project, without you she wouldn’t have been able to achieve what she had set out to do. To the viewers, she hopes this film gives you a sense of peace if you have ever lost a loved one. The film can be seen at the West Virginia State University Student Film Festival on March 5 from 4:00-8:00 pm.