By Shanna Paige

Saturday morning as most are asleep in bed, 6 area fire departments throughout Nicholas County get the dreaded call. A local business is on fire. C. Adam Toney Discount Tires located on Broad Street in Summersville was a popular tire store with a huge variety of tires for any size machine. CAT also had an extensive service department with qualified technicians. CAT has five locations across the state. It was considered a multimillion dollar business. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection was called because of the possibility of contamination the local water. Many hours of fight to no anvil, the multimillion dollar business was a total loss to the fire fighters. Fire crews say the fire will smolder for a long while. The state fire marshal will not be able to investigate until Monday, December 30 because for the smoldering ash. Luckily no one was injured in the fire.