By Shanna Paige

Monday’s Board of Education meeting began with opening prayer by RB Legg, followed by the approval of the agenda and previous minutes. Next on the agenda was to rehire Todd Samples as Volleyball Coach at the Clay County High School. The High School FBLA students were given the ok to stay overnight and attend the State Leadership Conference on March 31-April 1, 2014.

The termination of substitute teachers was next on the agenda and included Kathern Hall, Nancy Lane, Mary Stanley, Sarah Workman, Muriah Lewis, Becky Jarrett, Amanda Sizemore, and Julie Wilkinson. Each one of these teachers has indicated that she is no longer available to work.

The possible termination of the following professional employees for the 2014/2015 school year was voted upon next were Sheran Helmick, Samantha Holcomb, Amy Duffield, Melinda Issacs, Rebekah Holcomb, Shawn Krajeski, Holli Layne, Sarabeth Monk, Jennifer Johnson, Mason Hamrick, Justin Holcomb, Tonya Taylor, Brian Burge, Rebecca Hamrick, Stephanie Paxton, Angela Nichols Berry, Megan Shaffer, Jeffery Krauklis, and Harvey Church. If necessary, the terminations would not come into effect until the new school year in August 2014.

Employees considered for transfer or subsequent assignment for the 2014/2015 school year includes J.B. Butcher, Joan Haynie, Pam Mullins, Nada Waddell, Kelly Duffield, Beth Butler, Alicia Johnson, Mike Mullins, Mary Ann Triplett, Addie Cole, Jesse Stephenson, Rachel Burge, Brittany McGowan, Cathy Craddock, Luella Dancy, Jennifer Moore, Frankie Kerr, Beverly Nichols, April Kearns, Lora Brown, Anthony Boggs, Kim Carroll, Elizabeth Taylor, Connie Kerr, Danny Dorsey, Alice Nottingham, Katheryn Claytor, Kim Workman, Angela Samuel, Jared Fitzwater, Gina Thomas, Connie Kinder, Jeff Nestor, Kathi Linkinoggor, Karrie Mace, Scott Gibson, Christina Fitzwater, Cheryl Thomas, Lavern Taylor, Crystal Black, Rick Young, and Jessica Sams.

Service personnel to be considered for transfer and subsequent assignment for the school year 2014/2015 includes Mitch DeBoard, Cheri Burdette, Vercel Douglas, John Paul Rogers, Tony Salisbury, Greg Legg, Brenda Holcomb, Michael Barss, Goldie Woods, Pat Legg, Mike Evans, David Belt, Brenda McCutcheon, Wyonna Ramsey, Robin Litton, Mary King, Jamie Williamson, Norman Ramsey, Gary Keen, Andrea Cruickshanks, Maxine Miller, Steve Butler, Dustin Fitzwater, Steve Litton, David Davis, George Workman, Jimmie Holcomb, Diane Bullard, Chery Mullins, Joan Nichols, Julie Horrocks, Jonathan Rogers, and James Simmons.

Service personnel contracts to be terminated for the 2014/2015 school year are Pam Douglas aide, Terrie Shaffer aide, Elizabeth Holcomb aide, Suzanne Tanner aide, Shirlie Barker aide, Judy Bess transportation aide, Valerie Facemire transportation aide, Gail Simmons transportation aide, Tony Salisbury activity run, Greg Legg activity run, Pam Haynes cook, Margie Taylor custodian, Pam Tanner secretary, Marla Grose secretary.

Several employees were in attendance, some taking time to voice their employment concerns. Board members acknowledged cutbacks would negatively affect everyone, but with the budget is such great turmoil there may be no alternative. No terminations have been finalized at this point.