The Clay County Board of Education meeting was held on Tuesday May 20, 2014. First on the agenda was the transferring of two teachers, Big Otter Elementary School’s Amanda Douglas will be transferring from 1st grade to 2nd grade and Stacy Marks will be transferring from PK to 1st grade also at Big Otter.

Approval was given for Tony Salisbury, Greg Legg, and Delno Coen to be activity bus operators for North Gate Camp and the Fall Sports 2014. Cooks were also needed for those summer activities. For the Fall Sports 2014 camp, Dorothy Childers and Charlotte Fitzwater were hired. Kathy Legg and Robin Belt were chosen as the cooks for the Charleston Catholic Students and staff and Kathy Legg and Dorothy Childers were chosen to cook for the North Gate Camp for July 15-21.

Eric Cole was selected as the new assistant football coach at Clay County High School. The Board approved the out of state and overnight trip for the FBLA National Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tennessee as well as the FFA out of county and overnight stay at Morgantown.

The next scheduled Board of Education meeting will be held Monday, June 2 at 6:00 pm.