The Clay Board of Education members greet their newest addition.
The Clay Board of Education members greet their newest addition.

The Clay County Board of Education meeting was held on Monday May 5, 2014. Monday’s meeting was bittersweet. The swearing in of new board member O. Gene King, Jr. O. Gene King, Jr. is replacing his ailing dad whom has been a board member for many of years. Gene has had his hand in many of things in our county; he has been greatly missed by many.

Next on the agenda was to approve the nomination of a vice president for the Board of Education. That position was Gene King’s position, it will have to be filled also. A nomination was made for Dave Mullins to fill that position it was then approved.

The resignation of a Big Otter Elementary 2nd grade teacher Tina Witt was approved. Mrs. Witt has had a long term illness, “She is a real trouper and hero, lets keep her in our thoughts and prayers.” said Kenneth Tanner.

Usage of facilities at the Clay County High School for HOPE (Ministry of Charleston Catholic High School) on the week of June 15-21, 2014 was approved.

Northgate Church has been approved to have their church camp for Clay County Students at the Clay High School facilities on July 14-19, 2014.

Ronald Starcher, Jr. and Katrina Adkins were approved as substitute teachers pending certification. Other items were discussed nothing set in stone, like The purchase of a county van or box truck was approved, the existing vehicles for both are on their last legs.

Also the last day for students will be on June 11, 2014.