I know of no people on earth that have as much to be thankful as the citizens of the United States of America.  Like every other people and nation, we have problems and adversities.  But think of it.  We are a free people in a blessed nation.  Our farmlands are rich in agriculture.  Our cities are alive in the areas of commerce and industry.  On our borders are nations that are not hostile to us.  We are free to worship God as we choose.  We have the best highway system.  We have wonderful universities and hospitals.  The shelves in our stores are stocked with goods.  We could go on and on.  Sure, it could be, has been and should be better than it is.
I remember visiting one home in Haiti that only had one piece of furniture in the home.  It was a small chest of drawers.  No table, chairs, lamps, etc.  The only other furniture was a grass mat on the dirt floor to sleep on.  How blessed we are.
There are nations where the Bible is against the law.  We are blessed.  There are nations whose shelves are almost empty of food or clothing.  How blessed we are.  There are nations where war is commonplace and you never know if you will see the sunshine of tomorrow.  How blessed we are.
There are communities on earth where there is still no electricity, safe water or police protection.  How blessed we are.
Please take some time this Thanksgiving to thank God for His mercy and grace to us.  Thank a vet for the services he performed.  Thank your Mom and your Dad for loving you and providing for you.  Don’t take it for granted because it could be gone tomorrow.  Enjoy the blessings of friends, family and for the peace we have in this nation.  Certainly it can be better and you may be the one to make it so, still, we are blessed this day.