Football and volley ball seasons have come to a close for both the CCHS and the CCMS. The Lady Panther volleyball team placed in the Elite 8 in WV. CCHS football had a rough road but finished the season with wins. The CCMS Lady Mustangs finished 3rd in the CWVAC, and the Mustang football team got to the big game and finished 2nd in the CWVAC conference. Not bad for the fall ball teams, but it’s now time for winter sports once again. So, break out the field jackets, mukluks and hand warmers it’s time for some hard court basketball action. The Lady Panthers will also have speed and strength under the glass. Coming on board to help with the team is basketball great Christy Fitzwater who will bring with her an intense voice from court side. The Lady Panthers will try once again to make it to the big dance at the state championships. With the talent that is on the court this year they should be good contenders for the title. The Panthers are coming off a pretty good season from last year and hope to renew the embers burning from last year’s team. It looks as though they will bring back the power jumping capabilities from last year and will challenge even the strongest under the hoop for rebound dominance. Outside the ring they will have sharp shooters who can scratch the net with ease.
The Lady Mustangs will be attempting to hold onto their championship title for yet another year. With new Coach Aaron Williams stepping up to the helm after coaching great Justin Holcomb stepped down, the Lady Mustangs will be tough to beat. They have some big spots that will have to be filled in after some of last year’s team moved up to the Lady Panthers. There will be some tough shoes to fill, but they have the talent to do so. There is no doubt Coach Williams will have them ready. The CCMS Mustangs will not have the height of previous years, but what they lack in height will be made up with speed so it could possibly be the year for a double championship from the CCMS basketball team. They’re due; it’s time. The basketball fans from all over the county will be there to root on the Panthers and the Mustangs in their bids for championship glory.