Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2013

Balloon Launch held in memory of Kara Conley

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Peace falls as sentiment carrying balloons rise to heaven.

Peace falls as sentiment carrying balloons rise to heaven.

By Erica Kearns
Clay High school students and staff gathered at the auditorium Monday evening to remember Ms. Kara Conley, a young girl taken too soon by a tragic accident earlier this month.  Starting the school year with heavy hearts in the absence of their friend, many teary-eyed students watched the picture slideshow documenting Kara’s life, each possessing their own special memories that had been shared with her.  Baby blue balloons with written sentiments were released into the beautiful afternoon sky for Kara, symbolizing many things such as sending prayers and messages to Heaven, a soul taking flight, or a sign of letting go of grief.  As the streamers danced their way into the clouds, there were gasps, tears and sighs of relief as many people were able to let go of their sorrow and peacefully watch the balloons fly far into the heavens.

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