Salt & Sonshine
By Pastor/Teacher James R. Paxton

Opinions are a dime a dozen.

We all have some. However, there are some things that must go beyond opinions and imaginations. One, if not the most important, is the subject of backsliding. Throughout the church world there are many opinions and such. My opinion, nor yours, is of any value unless it can be proven or sustained by the Word of God.

The Word of God tells us that nothing can take us out of the hand of God. The Word of God also tells us that God’s grace is sufficient and we know that it is God’s grace coupled by faith that gives us salvation. Sounds good doesn’t it?

However, even though nothing can take us out of the hand of God; we can turn our back on God and His Word and walk away. Israel was and is God’s chosen people. God was providing for them and protecting them. They were secure in Him. Still, there was an entire generation that perished in the wilderness because they turned their back on God. 1Co 10:12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. Fall from what? Our standing with God. Go and read the entire chapter of 1st Corinthians.

Judas wasn’t all he should have been but remember he was one of the 12 that was chosen by Jesus. He was the treasurer. He, along with the other disciples was sent forth and preached the Word as well as being anointed to heal the sick and cast out devils. He betrayed Jesus and soon after hanged himself. Do you thing he is in Heaven? Not so.
Read Jeremiah 8:4-12. It speaks of backsliding. Opinions and theologies must bow their knee to the Word of God. Because of space I cannot list these scriptures here but if you want to know what God says, read the Word.

Truly, God is love and His grace is sufficient. However, He does not condone nor accept sin. The Hebrew word for backsliding is defined as  turning away or apostasy. Webster defines apostasy as abandonment of a previous loyalty. Rebellion or disobedience to God is it not abandoning previous loyalty?  Pr 14:14

The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways:

This subject is too important to be taken casually or ignorantly. Opinions are important to the individual but in the finality of all things it is God who will judge and that according to His Word. Does backsliding mean to be banished from the presence of God and spend eternity in eternal damnation in the lake of fire? We do not have the final answers but we can seek God and make sure we are ready to meet Him when our time comes. Don’t take a chance. Don’t put it off. Read John 3:16-17.