Back to School time
Buses are rolling in Clay County.

By Erica Kearns
It’s officially back to school time! Summer is nowhere near being over, but teachers, parents and around 2,000 students gathered their supplies and headed back to school in Clay County Thursday. This time of year is very exciting, as each student is starting a new chapter in his or her life; new friends, new teachers, new classes. Making the transition from summer fun to fall homework may prove daunting for both parents and children. Helpful tips to ensure your child’s success include:
Get the children to bed on time. During the summer, children aren’t always on a schedule but proper rest is essential for a healthy and productive school year.
Communicate with teachers and the school. Getting in contact your child’s teachers at the start of the school year opens the door to familiarity. Let the teacher know you want to be an active partner in helping your student to learn and grow and consider volunteering in the classroom. Plan to keep track of your child’s subjects, homework, activities and progress throughout the school year.
Provide for healthy meals. Hungry kids can’t concentrate on learning, so good nutrition plays an important role in your child’s school performance. Studies show that children who eat healthy, balanced breakfasts and lunches do better in school.
Prepare a study area. Set up a special place at home to do school work and homework. Remove distractions. Make it clear that education is a top priority in your family. Show interest, offer assistance and praise your child’s work.