Awesome Braves
During the month of November, “Responsibility” was the character education theme at Big Otter Elementary school.  Throughout the month, the students in each class that showed responsibility both in and outside of the classroom were chosen to be the Awesome Brave!  The following students were awarded the Awesome Brave award:
Cara Jennings – Preschool – Mrs. Rhodes
Spencer Faulkner – Preschool – Mrs. Boggess
Blake Coleman – Preschool – Mrs. Marks
Ember Chapman – Kindergarten – Mrs. Collins
Tisha Maze – Kindergarten – Mrs. Taylor
Landon Humphrey – 1st Grade – Ms. Douglas
Ottumn Metheney – 1st Grade – Ms. Jarvis
Nathan Witt – 2nd Grade – Mrs. Knopp
Kennah Hinkle – 2nd Grade – Mrs. Witt
Macy Osborne – 3rd Grade – Mrs. Underwood
Breanna Hanshaw – 3rd Grade – Mrs. McKinney
Ty Shumpert – 4th Grade – Ms. Holcomb (Not Pictured)
Dylan Greathouse – 4th Grade – Mrs. Kleman
Jessica Morris – 5th Grade – Mrs. Chapman
Anna Jackson – 5th Grade – Mrs. Helmick