Attorney General Patrick Morrisey today urged citizens to be diligent in protecting their homes while they are away for the holidays or out on a hunting trip.
“As holiday travel starts to ramp up, crime and home break-ins can also begin to rise as families gone for the holidays can be easy targets for criminals.” Morrisey said. “One of the best things you can do before leaving for the holidays or the annual hunting trip is to make it seem like the house is being lived in while you are gone.”
Here are some tips to keep your home safe while you are away for the holidays:
Do not broadcast your holiday plans on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or on your home voicemail.
If you have a neighbor or person nearby you can trust, ask them to keep an eye on things while you are away and collect the newspapers and mail so they don’t pile up.
Make sure that all doors and windows are locked before leaving.
Use light timers to create the appearance that someone is home.
Keep your valuables safe and locked away securely.

“Spending the holidays with your family is the best part about this time of year,” Morrisey said. “By taking the time to secure your home before leaving, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a home break-in. Fixing damage to your home or replacing lost valuables is the last thing we want to think about around the holidays.”