By Amber Bass
Saturday November 2nd, EMS was in route to a separate emergency call when they were flagged down by distraught family members. The family of Paul Austin Truman, distressed over his suicide attempt, sought help for a self-inflicted wound that was bleeding profusely. When EMS worker Jason Triplett attempted to help the highly intoxicated Truman, he was met with force. The family stated that a vicious cocktail of alcohol, prescription narcotics and bath salts were to blame for Truman’s erratic and violent behavior.
Troopers were called to the scene to assist in the situation. Truman stated that he had been “living off the land” for weeks to avoid warrants issued by Clay County Sheriff Robert Belt and wanted it all to end, including his life. Trooper’s Smith and Bass were able to restrain him for safe transport to the hospital. Along with his active warrants, new ones will be added for battery on EMS personnel. Triplet sustained no major injuries and is returning back to duty. Truman is being held on the 7th floor of CAMC general and is stable condition.