By Amber Bass

Ark Mountain Adventure Camp was formed by James Tyler as a “sustainable community” based in Clay County. Tyler’s vision of a community that is economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient has been plagued with turmoil in recent months.
An undisclosed source spoke with The Free Press this week about the current happenings of Ark Mountain. According to the source, not only is Tyler’s dream in danger but his camp has been abandoned. It was said Mr. Tyler had been hoarding funds and supplies from the commune and though many received government assistance for food, the supplies were not distributed. “Mr. Tyler is becoming out for himself and his only personal benefit. He is not longer in line with the vision that was to be Ark Mountain. There were about 5 people who left do to the lack of food and supplies.”
The Free Press contacted James Tyler to inquire if the allegations were true. “In actuality, those people were thrown out of our camp. The people in question were of one family and there was a lot of thievery going on, we were being robbed blind. Lots of things were coming up missing,” Stated Tyler. The future of Ark Mountain is unsure but Mr. Tyler will remain in hopes of recapturing the vision he once had.