Published On: Wed, Apr 9th, 2014

April 2nd, 2014

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Hearing Schedule for Magistrate Mike King – April 1, 2014

9:00 am           Young vs. Seth Harper

9:30 am           Young vs. Raymond Stewart

10:00 am         Green vs. James Nichols

10:15 am         Green vs. Jonathan Bartsch

10:30 am         Clendenin vs. Roy Matheney

10:45 am         Belt vs. Justin Delwarte

11:00 am          Belt vs. Charles Shaffer

11:15 am          Ellis vs. Jonathan Morton


Hearing Schedule for Magistrate Jeff Boggs – April 3, 2014

1:00 pm           Young vs. Daniel Beall

1:00 pm           Young vs. Lloyd Rapp

1:00 pm           Young vs. Jeremy Brown

1:00 pm           Bass vs. Isaiah Murphy

2:00 pm           Davis vs. Sherry Burdette

2:00 pm           Ellis vs. Joshua Carver

2:00 pm           Young vs. Kevin Bird

2:00 pm           McGlothlin vs. Perry DeMoss

3:00 pm           Samples vs. Zachary Ryan

3:00 pm           Samples vs. Okey Larch

3:00 pm           Young vs. Nathan Habjan

3:00 pm           Belt vs. Ronald Boggs

3:00 pm           Smith vs. Steven Osborne


Hearing Schedule for Magistrate Jeff Boggs – April 9, 2014

9:00 am           Belt vs. Michael Lanham


Civil Suits – Circuit Court:

3/28/14 Discovery Bank vs. Kevin Duffy


Civil Suits – Magistrate Court:

3/28/14 David Santiago vs. Dorothy McCracken & Kay Martin

3/27/14 Roberta Harris vs. William Wells

3/28/14 WVU Hospitals vs. Stanley Ratliff


Worthless Checks:

3/18/14 Cunningham Motors Inc. vs. Gary Ramsey x 2

3/25/14 Cunningham Motors Inc. vs. Ronald Keith Berry


Property Transfers:

3/20/14 John J. Lane to Christopher and Jennifer King

Union District 1 Acre

3/20/14 Broadus & Ella Mae Markle to Elva Dobbins

Henry District ¾ Acre

3/21/14 Stephanie & Bryan Montgomery to Stacey Cather Wood

Buffalo District 115 Acres